Denture Adhesives: The Way to Securing Your Appliance

Dentures are beneficial appliances that can give you the smile you have always wanted. However, there are times when the denture needs some extra stability. If this is the case for you, our Smiles Dental team has a recommendation that might help you: use denture adhesives!

Denture adhesives in Portland, Oregon, are great products that usually come in the form of a paste or powder. They can be extremely helpful, but only if you use them correctly. So, to help you take full advantage of denture adhesives, Dr. Dr. Yvonne Han has provided the following instructions:

-Paste adhesive: When placing the paste adhesive, please do not put it close to the borders of the appliance. For the upper jaw, simply apply three strips of the adhesive to the appliance—two along the ridge area and one down the center. For the lower jaw, apply three short strips of the adhesive to the center of the ridge area.

-Powder adhesive: Generally, the powder adhesive is preferred over the paste adhesive. This is because the powder is easier to clean and it does not keep the denture away from the tissues. When applying this product, sprinkle a thin layer throughout the tissue-bearing surface of the denture. Then, shake off any excess powder and put the denture in your mouth.

To learn more about denture adhesives and the many ways they can help you, please call (503) 278-5455 today. Your dentist and dental team are more than happy to give you the details you need if you simply call our office at your earliest convenience!